Shield your emails from phishing with AI-powered protection

Effortlessly secure your Gmail inbox with Giant Sentinel, the Google Chrome extension that provides one-click installation, real-time email analysis, and robust protection against cyber threats.

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How Giant Sentinel protects you

Supercharge your Gmail security and preserve data privacy with our dedicated, easy-to-use protection solution.

No need to be a cybersecurity expert

Install the Giant Sentinel Chrome extension with just one click from the Chrome Web Store.

Within seconds, the extension will be added to your browser and ready to protect your emails on Gmail.

Easy One-click Installation

Stay safe and focused while we handle the rest

Giant Sentinel's AI engine automatically analyzes every email in your inbox, simultaneously examining up to 15 security criteria, to ensure complete protection without any interruptions, leaving no messages unprotected.

AI-Powered Email analysis for maximum protection

Zero blocked emails: you never miss any critical messages.

Effortlessly understand the nature of the threat

With each email automatically analyzed, our AI delivers a risk score based on three easy-to-understand levels (Secure, Suspicious, and Dangerous) accompanied by a clear and concise explanation of the email's legitimacy.

Risk scores & clear explanations.

Make smart decisions

Armed with the risk scores and clear explanations from Giant Sentinel, you can stay ahead of potential threats and make well-informed decisions to protect your business.

Get instant alerts when a suspicious email is detected, and avoid clicking on dangerous links.

Data Privacy at the Core

Giant Sentinel has created a comprehensive security and privacy-focused product to prioritize your data privacy while effectively shielding you from phishing threats.

Our commitment is to protect your information without storing or sharing it with any third parties.

By incorporating advanced AI technology and adhering to strict security measures, we ensure that your personal data remains private and secure while using our Chrome extension.

Your emails, safer than ever

Our AI-powered algorithm meticulously analyzes up to 15 critical criteria simultaneously, providing unparalleled email security and protection.

Name spoofing
We identify when a sender's name is misrepresented or forged to appear as someone you know or trust.
We verify the sender's email address by checking the SPF record, ensuring that the email originates from an authorized domain.
We analyze DKIM signatures to confirm the authenticity and integrity of the email's content.
We validate DMARC policies to protect against email spoofing and phishing attacks.
Sender IP
We check the sender's IP address to confirm the legitimacy of the email source.
Email server IP
We examine the email server's IP address to detect any suspicious activities or potential threats.
Reply-to address
We scrutinize the reply-to address to ensure it matches the sender's address, avoiding potential scams.
Links and URLs
We investigate all embedded links and URLs to detect any malicious or fraudulent websites.
Attachments safety
We scan email attachments for malware, viruses, and other security risks.
Sensitive Information Requests
We spot any requests for sensitive information (e.g., passwords, credit card details) to prevent phishing attacks.
Sender's Domain
We evaluate the sender's domain to confirm its legitimacy and reputation.
Similar domains
We compare the sender's domain to known domains, identifying potential impersonation attempts.
Sending Patterns
We track email sending patterns to detect any unusual or suspicious behavior.
And more...
Our comprehensive analysis includes various other advanced techniques to ensure your email security.

Why Giant Sentinel?

Giant Sentinel is your ideal choice for phishing protection, and here is why:

Our AI-powered solution not only provides comprehensive email security, but it also outshines the competition in various aspects.

Giant Sentinel

One-click installation.

No expertise required.

No blocked emails.

In-depth explanation of the threats.

Seamless Gmail integration.

Affordable pricing.


Complex and time-consuming setup.

Requires cybersecurity knowledge.

Risk of blocking legitimate emails.

Limited or unclear explanations.

Less efficient integration.

Expensive alternatives.

Phishing attacks:
not just someone else's problem

#1 attacks

Phishing is the most common cyber threat, and it can happen to anyone.

1 in 2

Companies experienced a phishing attack during the current year.


Of cyberattacks specifically target small and medium-sized businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giant Sentinel?

Giant Sentinel is a Chrome extension for Gmail that analyzes and detects phishing attempts in your emails. It assigns a risk score to each incoming email and helps you make informed decisions to protect your business.

How does Giant Sentinel work?

Giant Sentinel uses AI to analyze all your incoming emails, assign a risk score, and provide detailed explanations about the legitimacy of each email. You can then make informed decisions to protect your business.

Are my emails analyzed in real-time?

Yes, Giant Sentinel analyzes your emails in real-time and alerts you to potential risks as soon as they are detected.

Does Giant Sentinel block emails?

No, Giant Sentinel does not block any emails. It analyzes all emails and assigns a risk score, but it is up to you to decide what actions to take based on the information provided.

Is Giant Sentinel GDPR compliant?

Yes, Giant Sentinel complies with GDPR standards to ensure the privacy and protection of your personal data.

What is the cost of Giant Sentinel?

Giant Sentinel offers a freemium pricing model. You can enjoy basic protection for free and choose paid plans for enhanced protection and advanced features as your business grows.

Is Giant Sentinel suitable for freelancers and small businesses?

Yes, Giant Sentinel is specifically designed for freelancers and small businesses, offering a simple, effective, and affordable cybersecurity solution to protect their emails from phishing.

Does Giant Sentinel work on browsers other than Chrome?

For now, Giant Sentinel is only available as an extension for Google Chrome. We are considering adding support for other browsers in the future.

How can I get help or support for Giant Sentinel?

Giant Sentinel provides educational resources and responsive customer support to help you navigate the world of cybersecurity. Don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues or have questions.

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